What I learned from my first week of Training with Mountain Athlete

Before beginning this plan, I was in the gym at least five days a week either lifting, climbing, or conditioning, but it was all over the place. So in this first week I'm already finding a certain discipline that comes from committing to this sort of regimen ... the sort of discipline thats needed to endure days and weeks in the mountains or months and years trying to work on a climbing problem. So here are my top three findings:

1) My mental toughness has a lot of catching up to do with my physical.

2) At the same time, I have found a whole new mental focus and drive that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

3) Mountain Athlete's programming is amazing. I used to coach Crossfit and have been through tons of different programming, but I’ve never worked through a plan this precise. Every session perfectly aligns with the ultimate 10-week goal: climb bigger mountains. 

Side note: I'm going to be doing some time trial efforts on hikes, climbs, runs, 2000M row, and more to begin pulling in some data. I'll track that data through the end of this training and use it to inform my next training cycle.

In an effort to keep training my mental state, I'll be reading these three books:

If you have any other book, article, or podcast recommendations please leave a comment. I'd love to check them out.