Big Mountain Training Program

I’ve always wondered what I could accomplish if I got serious about my training for the mountains. Like really serious. Not just climbing at the gym recreationally and going on weekend hikes in hope of somehow becoming a serious athlete, but giving it everything I’ve got. 

So instead of continuing to wonder, I reached out to Mountain Tactical Institute in search of some coaching and advice. What resulted was the beginning of what I hope to be a long relationship. I’ve started their Big Mountain Plan which is 10 weeks long and prescribes for five days of training. 

I’m dedicating myself entirely to this program. Along the way I’ll also be training outside - since the whole point of this is to train for outside performance. 

This program is mainly focused on giving you the big engine (the endurance) you need for long and hard days in the mountains, so to supplement my technical training I will be adding in a little bit of training from The Rock Climber’s Training Manual.

I’m excited to see whats possible for a kid who grew up in Miami, FL and didn’t have real access to mountains till he was 22. It’s never too late to tap into your full potential, and thats what this is all about. Thanks for following along!