Everest Basecamp

It's hard to tell when the journey and adventures began. My friend Erik and I headed to Nepal to trek around and make our way to Everest Basecamp, but the adventures began much sooner than expected. You could say they started upon arrival in the country when we trusted our taxi driver to book us flights on what is considered to the most dangerous passenger flight on the planet. 

Or did the adventures begin when we were about to board the plane and they announced that the crew needed fifteen minutes to "fix" it before we could board. Maybe it was when we landed in Lukla and they'd somehow lost our bags and gear during a thirty minute flight. 

One thing was certain, this entire trip was going to be an amazing adventure. I've spent plenty of time in the mountains and traveling around the world, but one thing was completely unique to this trip, the scale of the mountains were unlike anything I had ever experienced. 

After a couple of days trekking through the Khumbu Valley, Erik and I were finally able to make a routine. We'd rise up early and trek until we were tired or the sun was getting too low, we'd look for a guest house in the nearest town and gather with others for trekkers. As for routines, it was a pretty broad one. It's so easy to lose track of time when you're in the middle of nowhere and you're planning to be away from home for a month. The Alpiner 4 made by Alpina was the perfect watch for this trip. The automatic self-wind movement was perfect, given that there were hardly opportunities to charge batteries or replace them if need be. 

Time pieces have always been something I've loved and after a month of traveling with this watch to one of the most remote parts of the world I can say that we've shared some amazing memories. 

As I head into other mountain ranges around the world, I constantly look forward to the weight and companionship of the Alpiner 4 on my wrist. 

Enjoy the gallery from my trek into the Khumnu Region below: